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All items are used and in good cosmetic and working order.  Photos available on request.   Test equipment is heavy, a 20 handling and shipping charge will be added.

Test Equipment

Rubidium Frequency Standard

Efratom - 24V, gives 10MHz output - 200

Sweep & Siganl Generators

HP 8620C with  12-18.6GHz plug in - 295 + VAT

MM-wave mixer set 

11971K (18-26.5GHz)  &  11971A  (26.5-40GHz) waveguide harmonic mixers in carry case with 2 HP SMA cables.  This mixer set is the option E43 for the HP8569A/B spectrum analyser and extends the frequency range to 40GHz.  Can also be used with other spectrum analysers such as the 8650A/E series over a limited frequency range.   375 + VAT    


HP53310A Modulation Domain Analyser - 200MHz, no options    495 +VAT

HP 08747-60014 Sliding short (WG18/WR75)               25

Elements for Bird 43 Wattmeter

Bird elements in stock :- 

                                        50A    100A                                                    }
                                        50B    100B                                                    }
                                        5D      10D     25D     50D     100D     250D     }    37.50 each
                                        10E     50E     100E    250E                             }

                                        1000P                                                            }

                                        250H    500H                                     49.50 each

Frequency table :-    A            25 - 60MHz   (can be used at 70MHz - approx 8% low)
                              B            50-125MHz   (can be used at 144MHz - approx 5% low)
                              C            100-250MHz
                              D            200-500MHz
                              E            400-1000MHz  (can be used at 1.3GHz - calibration available for extra 15)
                              H            2-30MHz
                              P            450kHz - 2MHz <>


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