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VHF & UHF Power Amplifiers                                                                                                                                       
GH Engineering offers a range of linear power amplifiers for the bands 50MHz - 1.3GHz.

These amplifiers are all based around the popular Mitsubishi range of MOSFET PA modules, and all offer the following features :-

¶ 12V operation (12-13.8V) - so can be used from a car battery.
¶ No tuning required.
¶ Low input power - as little as 5mW for full output power on 432MHz
¶ Fixed input attenuator on PCB - allows input powers of up to 3W
¶ Reverse polarity protection
¶ Large heatsink for continuous use even with FM (some amplifiers require a fan) (heatsink needs to be drilled & tapped; can be suppled pre-drilled & tapped at extra cost)
¶ Available as either a mini-kit, built and tested or with any amount of construction already done (e.g. can be supplied with all PCB mounted components pre-soldered).
¶ Mini-kits supplied with all PCB-mounted components, heatsink and PA module.  
¶ Kits have been designed to be as easy to assemble as possilbe - 16 pages of construction notes supplied with each kit. (Note - kits contain surface mount components, but these are fairly large (1206 size) anc can be assembled by any constructor with some previous soldering experience.)  These kits are an ideal introduction to surface mount technology.

      50MHz                    70MHz                144MHz                432MHz                1.3GHz

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